Friday is photo day

Two almost bald men at Angkor Thom.

A Khmer boy harrases turtles on the Angkor Wat walkway whilst hoping for adoption by Angelina Jolie. I saw this little guy throw a 50 riel coin back at a Western woman who'd given it to him. 3,998 riel currently equals US$1. $1.50 might get you a cup of coffee in the cheapest Siem Reap cafes. $3.50 might get you a small bottle of local beer. Or some noodles. The Western lady shuffled off, clutching her shiny Canon compact, her Gap khaki shorts gaping around the top of her white thighs, asking all who spoke English why the turtle kid was so upset. In Cambodian marketplaces, nobody accepts coins. It costs $20 for a one-day ticket to the Angkor Wat complex. This photo cost me a dollar.


Anonymous Stephen Cooper reckons...

Cheap bitch.

12:48 午前 JST  


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