Today you - the longest, most heel-dragging, mule stubborn Winter I've ever sleepwalked discontentedly through - have finally stopped hanging around. I can't believe you thought you'd still be welcome after everything, even after you tried to selfishly steal three weeks from Spring.

Yeah, you've gone and by tomorrow no one but truly dedicated phenologists and meteorologists and maybe their immediate, long-suffering families will give you even a second thought.

In truth, I only wanted you for your snow. Yeah, it's true. I thought because I loved your snow that I actually loved you. I was too willing to overlook all your problems, even when others pointed them out to me. I was snowblind. I guess I thought you could change. Now I realise that you'll probably always be cold.

You restricted me. Kept me in the house. So many times I'd go to bed in the middle of the day just to avoid you, just so I didn't have to face your total lack of warmth.

And so yeah, now I have Spring, and you know what? It's good to me - good to everybody. And I don't mean to hurt you but guess what? Spring's gonna do something that you never would, something you'd never commit to. Yeah, that's right, Spring's gonna give me a sun.



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