Hallow'een In Shiga

So we set off to the party late, me and Ben - I mean the Blue Shadow and Uma Thurman - and that was fair enough: we had a couple of breasts to make. Why we then got off the train at a stop called 三雲 (Three Clouds) is anyone's guess. We were heading for Omihachiman.

But there we were, a ninja with unparalled tracking skills and a woman who found and killed Bill, unable to locate the correct train station, miles from anywhere in rural Shiga Prefecture, in a town named after presumably the only thing ever there before us. But there was a Family Mart. 3 clouds and a Family Mart and a ninja and a guy with toilet paper breasts with cigarette filter nipples. We got to the party at around midnight. It had started at 7.

Stuck in 'Three Clouds' the cool's worn off and Uma's more like Paul Calf.

The super stealth mask is off because it's tedious drinking Chu-Hi through a straw. And it hurt my nose.

Richelle was there. She punched me, but I bit her. So she says.

Dan came as what he would only describe as 'fabulous'. (I stole this picture from Richelle's journal).

And then there's this.



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