EXTRA! EXTRA! 3 and-a-half Year Old Nephew Draws First 'Face' Picture Completely Unprovoked (Then Follows It Up With Second One, With Hair!!)

We here at Moichido are ever comitted to bringing you the News That Matters! The News you Care About! Picture Exclusives! And today we haven't failed you!! Today we bring you the future of Art! A prodigy not yet 4 years old. Take a look at our Exclusive Foto Feature!!! :

Check this out Art Fans!! What bold strokes! What firm and decisive hand could have wrought this?!!! And then, as if that weren't enough, to go on to produce the image you see below:

Already, as you can no doubt see, a style - a technique - is evident!! Such maturity in one so undeniably young, we think you will agree, is a rare and precious thing!!!!! And, true to our commitment to keeping you at the cutting edge, Moichido has secured Sole Rights to publish a World Exclusive picture of the actual artist - normally skittish and prone to bouts of putting Lego in his mouth (such is the curse of art!) - in uncharacteristically formal repose!!!!! :

Remember this face Dear Reader, and remember where you saw it first!

This is Moichido, Clarion of World News, Informer of What You Need To Know, Messenger of Import, signing off.

(Look Declan, you're on the Internet! Good Work little guy. Love, Uncle Pik)


Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Well done Declan. Way to go!

12:26 午前 JST  
Blogger Indri reckons...

What a stirring blend of depth and subtlety...the sure strokes paired with the deceptive simplicity of the subject matter...a young artist to watch.

Really, I love the expansiveness of these drawings. And the button noses.

5:06 午前 JST  


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