Absurd as it is I've just recieved an email from the British Library asking for permission to 'archive' this blog as a resource of 'national cultural and historical interest' (because of the tsunami entries). Oh god. All those posts about drinking coffee and similiar inane crap now preserved for academic posterity. Surely not.

So now I feel like I'm writing for the Guardian and the British Library and all I really want to do is harp on about monkeys and Hello Kitty.

I blame Dave at Killing Time and his other reporter friends:)


Blogger Dave W reckons...

Cripes. Heck. Blimey. Oh dear. Your mum will be soooo proud. One minute you're minding yer own business, the next....oops. Get those Kitty posts up, they'll soon all go away and leave you alone, monkey boy. x

4:26 午前 JST  


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