It's kind of dissapointing to see a form of governmental oneupmanship in the headlines; 'Britian now pledges £60 million', 'US doubles relief to $35 million'. Perhaps we'll soon see colourful graphics in the papers with titles like 'Where the money came from' with a tally of international generosity below. Makes me think of Telethons and all those inanely grinning corporate representatives clutching ridiculously large cardboard cheques.
I'm specifically concerned with governmental monetary aid here and am in no way knocking the obvious concern and thoughtfulness of the populations at large. Besides, even if this really is some form of international political poker game those people in need of aid are still reaping the benefits.

Perhaps I'm being cynical - modern governments would never attempt to gain political kudos from the deaths and suffering of millions of people would they?

In related news, here's an example of a really nice guy.



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