And here, finally, is a link to Richelle's journal (also in the side bar). She has a great way (I think) of telling just about everything we did on the holiday incredibly succinctly and has posted the photos across a couple of posts. Some of these shots I'd never seen and now I have a better idea of where her and Anthony were waiting out the waves.

Please check out these photos because Richelle has just sent an email stating:

'...I spent like 17million hours trying to put up photos because I am really really really computer-dumb'.

Whilst I'm sure that's not really the case you might still click here and reward Richelle's 17 million hours.


Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Lol...okay, okay, maybe it wasnt actually 17 million hours ... maybe it was more like 3 ;). But that's still a long time!
I saw Ben yesterday and he made fun of me a bunch... same with Dan on Saturday....
Also I went shopping and bought thai-wheat-free-cookies and then I left them in the store, so, maybe they have some sort of point... maybe ;)

9:20 午前 JST  
Blogger pik reckons...

Richelle, your ability to forget just about anything at any one point in time and at the very most inoportune moments may very well have - if not saved our lives - allowed us to escape grevious injury, so I'm not gonna knock it - at least for a month. I promise.

8:16 午後 JST  
Blogger pik reckons...

OK, so 'inopportune' actually has two 'p's. I knew that.

8:18 午後 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Lol.. I know you're gonna make fun of me when you come here... you're not gonna be able to help it ;)
PS I cant spell either.. so no worries...

5:38 午後 JST  


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