Feel a little strange today. Sad and with an odd sense of guilt about something I can't place. I'm restless but can't bring myself to do anything. I did however shave/hack off the three weeks worth of beard growth I had recently accrued trekking through jungles and whatnot. I was initially reluctant to shave as I had somehow convinced myself that my face had tanned around the stubble and that I would find myself sporting some crazy spectral flesh beard. This turned out not to be the case. I did though notice the appearance of several grey hairs in my sideburns, which I have never been aware of before. I'm actually quite pleased about them - rather distinguished I feel.

To the readers of Guardian Unlimited and Killing Time who found themselves linking to Moichido to read a 'tale of good luck' thanks for stopping by, all 6,000 or so of you. To those who left comments and emails thanks also. I respect your collective beliefs but have to admit I find it difficult to believe that 'God' had a special plan for me and my friends, whilst neglecting to plan anything nice for several thousand other, possibly more moral, people. This in no way undermines how thankful I am to still be around to be sceptical - I'm just unsure of who or what to thank specifically.

From tomorrow, no more (or at least less) allusions to the disaster. There's a whole new year ahead and I hope it's a good one for everybody.


Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Alright Pik!
That's quite a story. Really glad you are o.k, especially as I was told you didn't even go to Krabi and were safe in Bangkok! Me & Indy send our love, 4 years ago we were on the same beach, we can't quite belive what has happened. Now I have your blog address I can keep a tab on all your exploits! I'll write you a proper email soon. Richie P

7:15 午後 JST  
Blogger pik reckons...

You write when you can Richie boy - good to hear from you. I guess when I sent out a recent bulkmail I used your old address. Still, you're up to speed now.

Best wishes and a rousing Happy New Year to you and Indy both.

9:13 午後 JST  


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