Hmmm, that entry below is a little morbid. Perhaps it's a good thing I'm flying out to Thailand in less than 24 hours. Perhaps it's a good thing? It's without doubt a fabulous thing, if only because it gives me a legitimate reason not to update this sorry-arsed blog for two weeks.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Peace.


Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Hmmmmmm, 2 weeks in Thailand!!!!!!!!! So you are going to spend Christmas and the new year in the hot. God, I wish I could do the same... Mike, there is a really nice place to stay near Kaosan Rd, called Wild Orchid (on the Pra Arthit Rd). It is behind the temple. Enjoy your stay and get a tan;-)

12:17 午前 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Has anybody heard from Mike since the tsunami? Does anyone know where he should have been on Sunday? We've not been able to get in touch and are worried. If anybody knows that he's OK please let us know. Stephen and Katy.

8:05 午前 JST  
Blogger Bxx reckons...

I really hope Mike is OKay....Such a scary thing, I will keep on checking in to his blog for any news.
All the very best, hope you return healthy and safe.
God speed.

8:18 午前 JST  
Blogger Hayato reckons...

Hi Stephen and Katy, this is Hayato writing. I've been worried about him as well and haven't heard from hom since the tsunami disaster. I really hope he is okay....

11:09 午前 JST  


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