*** SAFE ***

I and the people I was travelling with are all safe and sound and currently in Bangkok. Thank you to everyone who sent emails and/or posted comments of concern. I will get around to mailing you all back when I have more time. I thought a post would be more affective for now.

When the waves hit we were on an island just over from Phi Phi and had just got back into a boat. We were very, very lucky. We managed to jump out of the boat and run through the water up to the beach and over into a resort area. Literally seconds after we left the boat it was picked up and thrown into the resort after us. There was screaming, crying, shouts for help, whisles blowing, smashing glass and trees and this dreadful sound of a shit load of water flying at us. two of our number became seperated from the others but we found them the next day. We also found our bag containing passports, all of our money and a mobile phone, which had been left in the boat still attached to the wreckage the next day. Yes, we were very lucky, especially when compared to some of the people we spent the day carrying.

We are all now in Bangkok just trying to enjoy the last few days of our holiday. We all actually forgot it was Xmas a few days ago. Well, Happy New Year to everyone. I'll write a better post when I get back to Japan.


Blogger Dave W reckons...

Happy New Year Pik. Glad that lady luck was shining down on you during this whole terrible disaster. And thanks for the post - I was about to scare Nick by making him talk to me on the phone. Stay lucky. x

6:44 午後 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

The Tsunami news was very tragic and I hope you will be able to move on with your life after that experience (sometimes bad things on our past haunt us for years).

My mother's hometown is a far flung area in the southern part of the Philippines and literally it's surrounded by waters. We have nice beaches, rivers and waterfalls in the province. After the Tsunami incident I'm really praying that nothing like that will gonna happen to us.

God bless you.
~~~Jocelyn C.~~~~

10:28 午前 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

I do not know you, but I searched the Internet trying to find a survivor story so I could say Thank God for your safety! I am quite horrified by disaster from the tsunami, and with all the horror stories it is a joy to know you and your party are safe.

God bless!


12:05 午後 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

i too am glad to hear of a good ending story, will all the tragedy, its hard to believe anyone was lucky . God bless you, actually he already has.You and friends maybe were spared for a reason. Go do good things with your life.

12:58 午後 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

So glad you survived, it is hard to imagine why some are spared and others not, especially children. I travelled in Phuket in 1979 to Naihann beach, at that time there was no power or running water, a paradise on earth. I am saddened by the loss of lives of all these people, it could be anyone at any time. It reminds us of the need to enjoy every day, I am sure you will always be conscious of your fortunate fate.

3:08 午後 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

God Bless

3:37 午後 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

With all the nightmare footage on the news, it touches me immensely to read accounts of survial such as yours. I was lead to your blog via a link on a news page, and as a fellow human (and resident of Japan, as well), I'm just very glad you made it through. Keep strong, and have a safe trip back.

9:07 午後 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

God has a plan for you and your friends. I thank him for saving you! I pray that you and your friends recover completely, and praise Him for being a loving God.

10:49 午後 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Everyday I hear stories and information on the tsunamis from family or friends. I though can not look for information or listen to the news and constantly hear about it. I get too heartbroken and too emotional. But then there are these type of stories that you accidentally come upon and are so glad you did. I've heard a baby found ALIVE floating on a matress and reunited with her mother, and I've heard a boy reunited with his uncle and the mother who couldn't hold onto both of her sons and had to choose which one to let go of and pray for the best. Though she chose the older one, he was only 5, he still held on to a door and was reunited with his mother later on. And now this story make me feel a little better, but knowing the death toll is over 114,000 currently anyway, I just can't imagine why some had these miracle survial stories and others weren't given a chance. God bless everyone who survived and let God be with those who didnt.

12:25 午前 JST  
Blogger Rick reckons...

Dave - great to hear that you are safe. It will take awhile to get past all of this. I hope you don't mind. I have a site in blogger as well on my experiences in Phuket - and I will add a link to your blog. You can find mine at:


1:05 午前 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

You had me scared on Boxing Day, Pik! We're all relieved that you and your pals are safe. I'm also relieved that Dave's not gonna phone me now! Get in touch soon.

11:17 午前 JST  
Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Pik, it was SO good to hear from you today. Listening to you speaking was so natural that it is difficult to remember how much I was yearning for news about you just few days ago....
There is no logic or reason for some people loosing their lives, and others surviving. Life is a miracle, and it is a miracle that you are breathing, walking, eating, talking right now.... And I am just glad this miracle happened to you.

Take care & keep being lucky

miss y

10:22 午前 JST  
Anonymous Fiona Marrow reckons...

Glad to hear your ok.Saw article in local paper and was somewhat surprised to say the least. Take care and enjoy life.

8:57 午後 JST  


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