That it rained constantly and unceasingly today did nothing to dampen the spirits of three busloads of Joto Junior High school kids on an outing to Wai Wai Mura, a camp and day visit centre up in the mountains south of Osaka operated by the Osaka YMCA.
I have to say how impressed I was with the kids attitudes. Not once did any of them complain or whinge about the weather, which could so easily have turned the day to shite. I found myself imagining the equivalent amount of English junior school students, pissing and moaning about the mud and wetness and sloping off to smoke fags or to break something. That's how it would have been with the kids at the junior school I went to, at least.

Here's some images:

Heading out

I really don't know what he ended up doing with this mantis though I suspect the worse because at one point I saw him hitting something with this same piece of bamboo.


We all dug for sweet potatoes, which we then cooked on open fires. The one you see below is the one I retrieved from the mud. It was such a fat one, I couldn't eat it all.

Sweet potato



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