Really must break this habit of skulking around in Lawson's simply because they often employ very good looking girls. One day I might even go there because I actually need something instead of having to purchase random things in order not to look shifty. I seem to have stockpiled an awful lot of Chu Hi, ¥399 Gundam chess pieces (will I ever get the complete set? I doubt it) and assorted One Piece and Panda-Z sundries. The saddest part of all this is not that I've pissed away so much money, it's the fact that there's a perfectly good Family Mart just outside my apartment door; Lawson's is a bike ride away. Although in my defence, the Family Mart doesn't sell alcohol, and I swear that there's this one girl with a great smile, who keeps throwing lingering looks my way and waves, yes waves, when I go in. It's not like I'm walking past - I'm actually in the store and she's waving. Aren't you supposed to wave at people when they're at a distance? Or when they're leaving? What does this mean? Does she feel the same as I do?

When will this financially and emotionally costly torment end?


Blogger Hayato reckons...

Send me those One Piece stuff!!!!!

9:34 午後 JST  


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