In a bitter victory for Murphy's Law I'm wishing I hadn't posed that final rhetorical question in that last entry below as it seems the answer is very much 'Tonight'.

Having found a stray ¥1000 in my wallet I have just cycled to Lawson's and the girl in question was working (of course she was, I memorised her schedule. Is that creepy?) right up until the moment I entered the store. She then instantly disappeared only to resurface in civilian clothing moments later as I left the store clutching, yes, Chu Hi and - God only knows why - some Yakult. As I was mounting my bike (not in that sense, that would have been very embarrasing) she came out the store too and yes, gave a little coquetteish wave and then walked promptly up to her boyfriend. Her. Boyfriend. (Who, disturbingly enough, also gave a coquetteish little wave, the bastard).

So, all that stuff I somehow percieved as purposeful flirting (as it would be back home) was evidently nothing of the sort and I am left feeling both sheepish and let down by a girl I never even knew. I was once warned about this sort of thing by another girl, but she's thousands of miles away now in that particular mysterious country, the name of which begins with a P (if you don't read the comments boxes you're not up to speed on this).

Ah well, time to start making a dent in that Chu Hi. Maybe I can get the fridge door closed tonight.



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