I don't particularly care for them in any language, but they're a factor of modern life. Emoticons, Smileys - whatever they're called - are now an everyday occurence in phone texts, emails and any other medium to which they can be applied. I've learnt them, I'm down with this ridiculous sub-lingo. I understand :) and ;) and :P and all the others. What I don't get are the unreasonably complicated Japanese versions. Why oh why must they be so complex, and why must they be employed so frustratingly often?

What is this? o (^_-)O It's 'gentle punching as a sign of encouragement' of course! Didn't you know that? Jesus!

And this: m (_ _) m Is bowing, like 'I'm sorry' or 'Thank you'. This one I understand.

This; (^ ^) is apparently 'smiling'. What? Smiling? How do I know you're smiling if I can't see your mouth?!

p(^^)q - This is supposed to be someone wishing good luck. To me this looks like someone hittting themselves in the face.

Crying; (T_T) - This makes sense.

W('O')W - I'm sorry, I don't have a clue what this is. What are you saying!?

(oIo) - This is Ultraman. I understand this one. I don't understand why you would mail it to anyone however.

I guess these are just things I'm gonna have to learn. I can't tell you how many of these emoticons I've recieved during my tenure in Japan but it's a large amount of which I can figure out maybe 40%. Please readership (if you exist!) send me your Japanese emoticons via the comments box below - I want to get these things down pat.


Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Oh well, I guess you still have a lot to learn about japanese communication! There are sooooo many emoticons. I think I might have a list of the most commonly used ones (I remember making one when I was really bored at work). I'll see if I find it for you! Ah, that one, p(^ ^)q wishing good luck, shouldn't it be b(^^)d. It makes more sense with fingers up instead of down. The crying one is my favourite, and I do it with the mouth opened, like this ToT or TOT, if I feel more tragic.

2:06 午前 JST  
Blogger Hayato reckons...

(o ̄∀ ̄)ノHello
We Japanese can't live without these emoticons. I use them a lot when I write something in English, because I am kind of worried if what I really mean is conveied well. And if I write Japanese sentences, I still use the Japanese emoticons, as it's easy and you can save time. For example...
ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ・ ・.♪Woohoooo♪.・ ・ヾ(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ
(ノT-T)ノOh God...

I have about 2000 of those on my computer...

8:11 午前 JST  
Blogger pik reckons...

2000! Dear god...

10:04 午前 JST  
Blogger sohee reckons...

the face ^^ is Korean
when you smile your eyes go up like that

9:35 午前 JST  


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