Deary me, what a self-congratulatory post this is going to be.

Please be kind enough to observe this photograph of Wakayama's handsome (though reconstructed) castle. (Small image I know, but it's clickable)

Wakayama Castle

See all those visitors standing about cluttering up the shot? See that annoyingly modern looking red light down the bottom there? Not particularly of the Tokugawa era is it?

Now check this shot out:

Wakayama Castle sans visitors

That's right folks! I've discovered Photoshop. With all this time on my hands I now spend my days hunched over my laptop at this frustratingly low table of mine manipulating pixels until my eyes bleed. And I'm proud of myself. I cordially invite you to share in my joy. Comissions will be considered.

(Yumi, I'm sure you're thinking 'WTF? I do this stuff everyday, big deal.' And you'd be right).


Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

Nononono, far from me to think such a thing! I am impressed with your ability to learn things on your own, and I must say the photo was convincing. It did fool me! May be you have a new carrier ahead as graphic designer, but as I said before I think you should consider the writer one first.
P.S. I never say WTF. I am very polite, as you know.

2:14 午前 JST  
Blogger pik reckons...

Yes extremely polite - unless you are driving. Swear words in three languages!

11:38 午後 JST  


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