You know how it is - you're down to your last few ¥1000 notes with a week or so until payday and you're thinking cheap nutrition. You also know that fruit can be ridiculously expensive in Japan. You're also very tired. You buy a ¥2000 mango. You thought the label said ¥198. It didn't. You walk home tenderly clutching this presumably ambrosial fruit reflecting on all the cheaper fruit £8.50 might have bought you. I don't now know whether to just eat this thing or claim to see an image of Mother Teresa in it's rind, thereby perhaps recouping some of it's cost with the sale of the media rights. At any rate, this had better be a fucking amazing mango.


Ate it, 50 pence worth of piece by piece. It tasted exactly like a mango. Exactly like a £2 mango from Sainsbury's of which I could have bought 4 and a quarter.