46 views from JR windows

My brother went home.

Ten days of mooching across Southern and Eastern Honshu in every form of transport Japan Railways has to offer has culminated in a fat collection of violence themed puri-kura, a build up of dirty laundry, and the realization that already I'm missing our kid just way too much.

The brothers Pik cut a swathe, for your information, through Otsu, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima and of course, Wakayama. ¥10,000 worth of fireworks was ignited and so too, to our next day sober horror, were a couple of items of civic property.

By popular consensus, of two individuals, Miyajima was the highlight. And Hiroshima is a fantastic place. I want to write a lot, or at least, something, about Hiroshima, but I'll post it tomorrow. I hope the both of you reading this are as excited about that prospect as I am.

For now, allow Moichido to present an abridged selection of puri-kura, which no doubt are far more hilarious for us then they are for you. This is partly because I witnessed my brother falling dramatically out of a puri-kura booth onto an ornamental fence with much noise and bluster and slight back injury, all for the sake of the print club series we like to call 'kicking in the head'.



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