My first thought, seriously, was that the French were even more upset about the loss of the Olympics then we were led to believe. British sense of humour kicking in you see. Which is, I imagine, getting a lot of Londoners through today. And which is, I know, part of the reason why today's events will do very little indeed to panic the Smoke's population in the long term. London's been bombed for years and although anything like this is understandably tragic, getting over it and back to normal is inherent in the psyche of the city.

Besides, everybody sensed something like this was coming.

Will this now lead to an increase of lack of support for the war in Iraq (if it is, indeed, related) or will it be spun into a justification for yet more war? Who knows? And who knows what the families of the bombs dead victims - just trying to get to work, for fuck's sake - are thinking right now?

This has, curiously, made me homesick. I just want to be there now. To be another defiant citizen of London again, setting off for work tomorrow morning.


I can't contact some of you! Please, call, mail or comment or something, as soon as you reasonably can.



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