Not so much to be said for today. A rumour of warmth in the air, a low sun through the staff room venetians bringing a promise of sakura and some much needed serotonin. Some classes were taught, some English was spoken, some students slept. My interest in what manga that guy at the back is attempting to hide below his desk continued to outweigh my interest in making myself understood. I love these kids. They think I hate them. I'm a teacher after all. Cops 'n' Robbers, Teachers 'n' Students.
I learn my application for a second year amongst these kids is 'initially accepted'. Have this confirmed in both English and Kanji. Good. Two sheets of paper means 'definitely'. Right?
Okada Sensei is moving to Malaysia in April. Wife and kids too. Teaching English in a Japanese school. 16 students. In 6 year groups. Says I can visit whenever I like and I know I will. We discuss mobile phones and the price plans of such. He says 'the merit is...' and looks at me. 'Can I say 'merit?' 'Well yes, absolutely' says I, although I haven't heard it in a dog's age and aren't entirely convinced. Mentally riffle through the personal thesaurus alternatives. Bonus. Good thing. Best thing. Positive point. 'Merit' is, I conclude to myself, the perfect usage. And again I'm being taught English by the Japanese.


Anonymous 匿名 reckons...

did you make a phone call to the uk recently when the person you were calling wasn't in? i was out drowning my sorrows (as usual these days)....assuming you were a little less than sober at the time?!

3:22 午前 JST  


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