It is entirely possible to study a language for several hours every day and immediately upon closing the textbook become engaged in a conversation where the native speaker of studied language will use approximately none of the words you studied.
There's only one real response in a situation like this: a counter-attack in high speed English, delivered monotonously with the mouth hardly opening. Of course, this isn't a friend-winning tactic and is admittedly particularly obnoxious but I'm desperately hankering for just one day here in Japan where I don't feel utterly stupid.


Blogger Dave W reckons...

Oops! House move etc excuses bla bla meant forgot to leave you a message expressing my undying love for you on your birthday. So here it is. Hope you had a great one.

7:03 午前 JST  
Anonymous Chris reckons...

sounds like a usual birthday for you! Hope you had a good day mate. Birthdays are good if only for one thing and this years it is particularly important for you - that you have lived another year.

Take care and I'll try and call again this weekend coming.

Chris :)

7:56 午前 JST  


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