So I find myself backdating posts yet again, in an effort to convince those people who despite my utter rubbishness remain my good friends, that I am not in fact dead, or worse. Very often there are no entries because, although I have actually written one, I have fallen asleep...ok, passed out, before I managed to press 'publish'. I then wake up the following day under the impression that my blog is up to date and that, in a similiar scenario, I have returned all those emails and I have called my Mother. The McDonalds post below is a case in point: I just logged on and found it saved as a draft.
Also, I'm awash in a sea of strange words and symbols and I'm slowly being overwhelmed. I'm desperately trying to get a grip on the Japanese language and I spend inordinate amounts of time studying it, only to find I have memorised maybe one kanji. Still, it's a kanji I didn't know before, even if it does mean 'Hades' and how often does that come up in conversation?



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