I ventured into McDonalds today. I needed a fix, and I got it, as well as cholesterol, salt and some dirty looks from sullen Japanese teenagers. What fun!
Half way through the fries, which seem to be refreshingly hot over here - if McDonalds fries can ever truly be said to be refreshing - I noticed this on the 'sanitary' paper doily they slap on the base of your tray.
It may just be me, but the BigMac wasn't the only thing that left a nasty taste in my mouth. A Ronald McDonald hand being tenderly gripped by some innocent toddler about to be led into a lifetime of Happy Meals and pre-mix Fanta? What!? Is this image supposed to evoke feelings in me of tenderness and warmth for the savvy Mcmarketing ghouls and their corporate taskmasters? All this picture did - 'World Childrens Day' or not (notably McDonalds own 'World Childrens Day' - hardly endorsed by UNICEF) - was rekindle my childhood fear of clowns and put me in mind of peadophiles.

I would be pleased with my stance on unethical corporate practices where it not inevitable I'll be back in McDonalds the very next time I have a hangover on a Saturday morning. So it goes.



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