The black jumping spiders are back.

I think, probably, that they are not a threat to humanity. But they are black, and they are spiders, and they can jump. And they will jump anything - maybe just to enjoy the sheer glee of jumping. I watched one jump all the way up a flight of stairs in my housing block. It went one stair at a time - it was only a small black jumping spider so this was impressive enough. I could hear it giggling and shouting 'Yayyyy!' as it went, and this is why I think that jumping must surely be a gleeful activity for black spiders of the jumping sort.

Also there are lizards, and I like to take photos of them on my keitai. They are very rewarding sitters for my photographic art. Sometimes they do not even blink for very long periods of time. Naturally, their eyes become very dry as a result and they say 'Pik, please hurry'. In Japanese. They are Japanese speaking lizards which is not unusual at all. If you live in Japan.

Of an evening, mosquitos carpet the walls of the stairwell. I intend to speak to the landlord about this. I fear the rent may go up to finance this enterprise. If there is going to be carpeting I would surely like an Axminster in the living room. Although this initiative is to be applauded since it finds work for mosquitos that would otherwise be loitering in the streets spearing flesh with their noses (or probosci. Also they are Aedes albopictus. And if they spear flesh then they are female. And now entomologists will arrive at this blog through Google and will not find the rich volume of academic research they'd hoped for).

I think David Attenborough would really like this apartment block. There is a lot of material for wildlife programmes here. David, if you have vainly Googled yourself (or, indeed, Aedes albopictus) and are reading this now, then please come round for tea if you are ever in the area. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on Salticidae and the suchlike. See you soon.

None of the animals used in this entry could actually talk. Those were terrible lies. The carpeting is true.
David, please still come round even though I am a dirty liar.



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