19th October 1924 - 17th May 2005

Depending on which time zone all three of you reading this are in, my granddad died this morning or yesterday. Either way, he’s gone now.

I wonder what he thought about during the moments prior in his Louis body diseased mind. I like to think it allowed him some clarity to order his thoughts and remember whatever he wanted to.

Did he remember writing all those letters, at least one a week, full of jokes and tiny cartoon drawings which now fill two suitcases in an attic miles from here?

Now he has no memories and now we don’t have him.

Three weeks ago I wrote him a letter that I knew he’d never read. It’ll be placed next to him or in his pocket before the lid goes on, I’m told. Writing that letter was a strange and difficult thing. All past tense; a letter to a dead man I knew was alive, drinking glucose solutions in an NHS bed in Northern England. That letter said all I needed to say and yet really, it didn’t say anything at all.

I loved that man so much.

Just take it easy now, Granddad.


Anonymous miss y reckons...

Death is the only thing we know for sure that will happen to any living being one day. Yet we are never ready to accept the death of a loved one. Hope your granddad rest in peace, and hopefuly there is a better place to be.

5:24 午後 JST  
Blogger Dave W reckons...

"Gone where? Gone from my sight - that is all."
He'll still be with you. Take care mate.

8:57 午後 JST  
Blogger pik reckons...

Thank you both.

10:28 午後 JST  
Anonymous clayta01 reckons...

So sorry to hear of your loss. I've been there myself and can only imagine what you are going through.

Take care,


12:08 午前 JST  
Blogger pik reckons...

Al, when I saw clayta01 before I wondered briefly if it was you. I'm glad it is. Thanks for stopping by. Take care mate.

12:14 午前 JST  
Anonymous clayta01 reckons...

Long time viewer, 1st time caller. Was in Hull the other week en route back from Bridlington. Came out of the station and saw CECIL and it made me smile and think of a few quality w/e's up the avenues. Hope yer well. Don't let the buggers get ye down.

1:25 午前 JST  


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